CITIZEN CC2120 Dive Master - Outdoor Wall Clo - Light- slvr

CC2120 Dive Master Is an Illuminated outdoor wall clock with a two-step metal case finished in a brushed matte silver. The Movement with a silent sweep red seconds hand (no ticking ) and lens are sealed with gaskets for protection from all types of year-round weather elements. The blue background dial is replicated from Citizen's famous dive watch and the graphics are printed with a light reflective ink. Responsive white LED lights automatically turn on /off from sundown to sunup for accurate nighttime vision year-round. Also included is a selectable switch that shuts off the LED's after 5 hours to conserve battery power if desired. Uses 1 AA battery (Clock) and 4 D Cell Batteries for lights (not included ) Dimensions: 18" diamenter x 3.25" Deep
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